Interactive Artworks has evolved our brand! Previously McD Art, we now offer more
unparalleled opportunities than ever before.
       At the outset of our venture, we were one artist with a limited body of work. Now, six years
later, we have brought life to more than 3.5 million square feet of murals around the world. 
      We’ve oriented our ingenuity to provide fine art in one of a kind, participatory experiences
that engage the imagination. Our murals can incorporate UV responsive paints that come to life
under black light luminescence or utilize state of the art projection mapping that uses light to
create a layer of animation. We also design and build large scale sculptures with remote
controlled, adaptable light systems.
     In addition to complex mural work, our Creative Commercial Team challenges the status quo
of the commercial painting market by swapping standard, bland trends for evocative interior
designs that stand out. Walls, ceilings, and structural fixtures that other commercial painters
leave flat can become eye sores that contribute to complacent design. Instead we seamlessly
incorporate these same components into a comprehensive, invigorating atmosphere. 
     Interactive Artworks expertly engenders the spirit of creativity in all endeavors. We look
forward to collaborating with you soon!